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Explore the most amazing laboratory created just for kids! Play little scientist: mix chemicals and see how their colors change, look for meteorites in space, fight a bacterial infection in the microscopic world, and much more!

Get more stars and points as you play mini games in your own pocket lab full of adventures and fun!

Enjoy a lighthearted approach to the amazing world of science!

Game features

Protection Accessories
Play scientist dress up and get ready for laboratory works. Find and dress with suitable clothing and accessories to avoid injury while handling dangerous chemicals!

Mix Tubes
Mix different chemicals to create new ones. See how their color change as these chemicals react! Learn to use lab tools like flask and test tube. Be very careful and don’t break them!

Put the telescope lenses to their places to observe the planets and save the earth from Martian invasion!

Build a microscope and observe the living organisms in a blood sample! You'll also have to destroy the bad bacteria.

Melt the Ice
Learn the three states of water: solid, liquid and gas. Heat the ice (solid) to turn it into a liquid water and evaporate it to see vapor water!

Battle Bacterium
Have fun destroying the bad bacteria! Complete all 3 levels with different difficulty and microbes!

Lab Collection
Play more and collect all lab items to show that you’re a master scientist!

• 6 kids lab mini games
• Real lab tools and instruments
• 28 protective lab clothes and accessories
• Simple and fun experiments for kids
• Catchy music and beautiful graphics

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Require Android 2.2 and up
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