WobblyStack for ARCore

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Use your phone to twist, pull and push the Blocks to see how high you can build your Stack! Wobbly Stack is a fun and unique AR experience that can be played alone, with friends, as a party game, or just to kill time.

◆ Use your phone as a tether, with precise 1:1 control on the blocks
◆ 'Feel the blocks' with our Dynamic Haptic Feedback system
◆ Highly realistic physics engine running at 60fps
◆ Varied block sizes to create strategy
◆ 'Pass The Phone' multiplayer, play with friends
◆ Scoring system with GameCenter support, compete to be the best

If you enjoy the game, please leave a review.
If you have a feature suggestion, or find a bug, please email us at support@esdot.ca.

NOTE: The Haptic Feedback System is currently disabled due to excessive camera shake. We are working with Google to resolve the issue, and in the meantime have implemented an Audible Feedback System, so you can still enjoy the game to it's fullest.
Require Android 7.0 and up
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