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This app helps auditor to manage/organize site faults, issues and creating a punch list, snag list, fault list, defect findings, site inspections, site survey, safety inspections, furnishing, point furniture faults, Office decoration, and many more. With help of Audit Assistant, you can generate a report in PDF / Excel format with an interactive look.

Here is a list of feature that Audit Assistant app offers:
•tManage/ organize your findings and group them into a project.
•tAdd Findings/observation with multiple photos and description that will help workers to fix easily.
•tTag to the issues/observations.
•tAnnotate the photo by highlighting the specific fault/issue using various shapes arrow, circle, rectangle, a border around the fault.
•tShare generated reports to Google drive, dropbox etc.
•tPrepare a report in PDF/Excels format with or without photos.
•tEmail report.
•tCustomize Audit Assistant as per your business need.

•tChange the various labels from app setting according to the term you are using. You can say an item to snag, defect, observation, inspection or anything.
•t Change the date format. Any time update the company name, company logo, signature and auditor name on the report from app settings.

You can use the Audit Assistant for following the type of work.
•tSite auditing and snagging
•tQuality checks
•tInspections / defects, snags, items
•tPunchlists / Punch Lists
•tSnaglist / Snag Lists
•tSite Works
•tChecklists / Check Lists
•tSite Walks
•tRisk Assessments
Require Android 4.1 and up
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