Diamond Hero - Diamond Number Coloring

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Shining Diamond Art work to Coloring by Numbers to create animated Diamond art work.

Diamond Number coloring is easy to use:

1. Chose on many diamond coloring art works from diamond coloring page.
2. Diamond Art work before coloring appears with Color by Number options.
3.Use the tools in diamond coloring:
a) Color by Numbers - Chose the number with number colored diamond and color by numbers.
b) Color fill Numbers - Use fill tool to color by number all at once.
c) Color Eraser - Eraser tool lets you use colored diamond again by using erase color.
d) Undo and Redo - Undo and redo diamond coloring.
4. Save and Share Diamond coloring by number coloring.
5. Share the animated GIF's of diamonds.

Create awesome art with Diamond Coloring.
Require Android 3.0 and up
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