MultiCraft Adventure

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in multicraft adventure you can tame a horse before you cattle or you ride to avoid the attack of monsters or zombies, meaniki horses are very exciting, invite your friends to play multiplayer for the game more exciting, monster opponent together with sword or ax, you also can build a house or building with your friends to make the building faster in the voxel world, we can build castles, modern houses, bridges, towers, or just a small shack you can use to shelter from the sun, rain, ice, or snow. in the daytime of peace you can garden, plant a variety of plants to meet your needs
- Two different mode ready, survival and creative
- Day and a night time change
- HQ texture packs
- Survival from attack of monsters and bad zombies;
- Farming many flower and plants, raise a chicken, pigs, cows, sheep mobs, and tamed horse
- Flight mode ready
Require Android 2.3 and up
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