Ominous Neighbor

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Shed light on the very strange things that are happening in the basement of your neighbor's house! In this mystical thriller you have to arrange surveillance for the neighbor's home, trying to find out what terrible things are happening there! But do not lose your vigilance yourself – the hello neighbor is an extremely dangerous and unpredictable person, and woe to you if he catches you during your investigations! Do not succumb to fear and explore, what's the matter!

The plot of the game tells about yourself (this effect is achieved with the help of a detailed camera from the first person). You are moving to a new home. And the house opposite looks rather unusual - this is a gloomy building, each corner of the courtyard of which is stuffed with video cameras and traps. Obviously, the neighbors is hiding something. This is confirmed by one especially dark night, when he takes out of his house something that resembles the body to the horror. It becomes clear - something mysterious and eerie is happening, and in this one neighbor game needs to understand everything!

Require Android 4.1 and up
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