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PocketLIVE is a dynamic new live streaming platform for creators who share what they love, LIVE, with viewers in real time.

Want the behind-the-scenes scoop from artists? Interested in discovering new talents as they teach you their trade? Want to be a part of the live streaming revolution?

PocketLIVE curates the best aspiring talents from around the world and connects them to passionate viewers and supporters through the power of video streaming. Think of it as crowdsourcing meets live broadcasting: your new go-to for exploring the world through the lens of artists.

Find aspiring artists and creators who create in realtime. Watch the making of their next hit song, masterful painting, or interpretive dance routine through their online broadcasts.

Connect with broadcasters and viewers who share your passion in realtime through live chat and virtual props. Ask questions, make special requests, or just chat about your day! PocketLIVE is the new way to truly get to know your favorite artists. Better yet, you can support their journey by giving props which translate into real cash!

Showcase your talents, and receive props that convert into real money! Mobilize a fanbase and utilize live streaming to connect with your supporters. Utilizing PocketLIVE's revolutionary online broadcasting platform, you can reach new audiences with the touch of a button.
Require Android 4.1 and up
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