GTR Drift Simulator

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If you are in search for a new Nissan GTR Nismo drifting simulator game because the old drifting games have lack of high-quality graphics and uniqueness you got where you should.
Nissan GTR Drift Simulator is a car drifting game with superior 3D graphics and amazing real car. This drift game has 4 open worlds maps. This real car drift simulator gives you the opportunity to tune your car( modified car ), adding wheels camber, suspensions, engine power, max speed power, nitro, steering, paint and 30 wheels types. After you modify your car, you can choose one of four maps to drift ( desert drift, city drift, mountain drift and winter drift ).
While you drift, you get points and money to use tune your car. This game is an open world game and you can explore nice landscapes.

Game features:
- Nissan GTR Nismo realistic car
- Realistic interior
- Car tuning system
- 30 wheels sets
- Car painting
- Engine upgrades
- Camber and Air Ride Suspension settings
- Winter map
- Desert map
- City map
- Winter map
- Open world
Require Android 4.1 and up
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