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Solar Eclipse Glasses turns your iPhone/IPad into a sun observatory.
You can decrease the brightness and exposure of your built in camera to the maximum and permanently, to watch the sun. With these preferences you can watch a solar eclipse on your display.
There is also a large zoom available.

Now with photo support.

the next solar eclipses will take place on:
2015-09-13 at 06:55:19 in South Afrika, South India and Antarctica
2016-03-09 at 01:58:19 in East Asia, Australia, Pacific, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi
2016-09-01 at 09:08:02 in Africa, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Central Africa, Madagascar, India

Solar Eclipse Glasses transforma el iPhone / iPad en un observatorio solar.
Se puede ajustar el brillo y la exposición de la cámara a la tenue máxima y constante.

Solar Eclipse Glasses transforme l'iPhone / iPad à un observatoire du soleil. Vous pouvez atténuer la luminosité et l'exposition de l'appareil photo intégré à la maximale et constante. En outre, un zoom extrême est disponible.

Solar Eclipse Glasses verwandelt das IPhone/IPad in ein Sonnen Observatorium.
Man kann die Helligkeit und Belichtung der eingebauten Kamera bis zum Maximum und konstant dimmen. Außerdem ist ein extremer Zoom verfügbar.

Solar Eclipse Glasses trasforma l'iPhone / iPad in un osservatorio di sole.
È possibile diminuire la luminosità e l'esposizione della fotocamera integrata fino al massimo e costante. Inoltre, uno zoom estremo è disponibile.
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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