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Stay on the front line of the Infowar, anywhere you go. Tap into the truth of the world with Infowars, one of the most popular Alternative Media sources on Earth and stay up to date with up-to-the minute reporting.

With the Infowars app, you can experience your favorite hosts, live streams and articles like never before.

- Live stream Infowars shows such as Real News, the Alex Jones Show or the War Room from your phone anywhere.
- Stay up to date with articles as they’re published from Infowars.com, the #1 source in Alternative News.
- Favorite and save articles to read later when you have time.
- Go back through your article history to re-read favorites or pick back up where you left off.
- Listen in the background to have the show on during any activity.

Even more options are soon to come as we keep our fans and viewers on the forefront of the Infowar in the search for truth with the Infowars app for iPhones, iPads, or any other compatible Apple device.

Support the show and spread the news in all new ways with the Infowars app, now available on the App Store.
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