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Press 1 button to see which friends are free to lunch, gym, study, drink, and more!

THE APP used by thousands of college students at Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Yale, MIT, Princeton, USC and colleges around the world to hang out with their friends!

Hang out with friends instantly!
- Just got out of class? Down to Lunch!
- Thursday nights: Down to Drink!
- Night before the exam: Down to Study!
- Searching for BAE? Down to Chill ;)

The fastest way to hang out with friends! 100x easier than texting everyone! Way better than annoying giant group texts!

Questions? Praise? You down to lunch? Text Nikil from Team DTL at 806-577-2300!


Created by Stanford students and used by students at: Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Yale, MIT, Princeton, UGA, and hundreds of other colleges around the world.

Featured in newspapers at Notre Dame, BYU, UGA, Lee University, University of Rochester, and more.

Featured in TechCrunch and Brit+Co!

More about the Down To Lunch story: imdtl.com/story.html


- Down To Lunch, Chill, Drinks, and much more
- Notify specific groups
- 20x Faster Than Texting
- See which nearby friends want to hang out


Want special "Down To ________" just for your campus? Just text Team DTL!


Quotes from press:

Notre Dame campus newsletter: "Down to Lunch, or DTL for short, exploded onto Notre Dame’s campus at the beginning of the semester."

University of Georgia: "Down To Lunch, a new phone app created to make scheduling lunch dates and other social gatherings easier, has exploded in use across the University of Georgia campus..."

Brigham Young University: "On Friday, Jan. 22 the app Down to Lunch exploded across BYU campus as students downloaded it, signed up and invited friends to join. Down to Lunch is designed to make scheduling lunch dates and other social gatherings more convenient."

Lee University: "A fast, free and easy-to-use app called Down To Lunch (DTL) has started to take off inside the Lee University student body, changing the way people get together."

The Odyssey: "Down to Lunch is an app that sends your friends a notification when you are engaging in an activity and would like company. These activities include breakfast, lunch, dinner, studying, exercising, chilling, and many more! ...within an hour, I transitioned from a skeptic to a devoted user of the Down to Lunch app."

University of Rochester: "After trying [DTL] out, I can honestly say it works really well. One day after class I brought some food to the library to get some work done. Feeling a little lonely, I alerted some friends that I was down to study at the POA. Within twenty minutes, two people showed up. Twenty minutes after that, three more showed up, and we had a successful, spontaneous study session happening. There was no need for awkwardly asking for people to join me, and no negotiating times and locations over text. I just let people know where I was and that I was free, and everything happened naturally."
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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